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PTV Sports Live: Ptv sports was brought to life in 2011, an addition to a family of Ptv channels like Ptv world, Ptv Home and Ptv News among several others. Ptv is a state run channel and is funded by the taxpayers’ money. Ptv was introduced in 1964 and has been operation since then. PTV Sports Live has been successful as compared to other sports networks in Pakistan and it owes its success majorly due to the exclusive broadcasting rights to the Premier League, Laliga and several other international sporting events.

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PTV Sports Live caters to the Pakistani nation’s love for sports be it football, cricket or any other major sports also being the only sports network that has been able to provide analysis of the game by various experts both national and international. Before PTV Sports Live a major chunk of the streaming of sports was either pirated in or just blatantly ripped off of another network’s broadcast, moreover, no major international sporting event was broadcast directly in Pakistan.

PTV Sports Live in a short amount of time has garnered an immense number of viewership and fan base. The reason being the induction of several sports programs such as ‘Inside the Line’ and ‘Sports Climate’ among others. Also, the sports culture in Pakistan has always had a cult like following and in the last decade due to emergence of a lot of sporting events such as the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has further showcased the importance of having an indigenous sports network.

The rise in popularity of PTV Sports Live can also be boiled down to the fact that the population of Pakistan is rapidly increasing with a majority of the population being under 30.

Ptv has also successfully been able to rope in international players and analysts to come and work with them, people such as Sanath Jayasuriya, Dean Jones among others. Moreover, the arrival of such international names has helped improve Pakistan’s image internationally. Also, PTV Sports Live holds the honor of being the only channel which has been able to gain exclusive rights to international events and is the flag bearer to international sporting events while covering them.

PTV Sports Live Streaming

PTV Sports Live has also introduced the service of live-streaming it through the internet but this service is only available to viewers that reside within the borders of Pakistan.To further help understand its content Ptv Sports has started broadcasting the content tin both English as well as Urdu.

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