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Aaj News Live: AAJ News was brought to life in 2005 and since its inception has slowly picked up pace among the masses of Pakistan. Aaj News Live has been able to successfully stick around the industry and has carved out a space for itself within its broadcasting range and has a loyal fan base which relies on Aaj News Live to provide them with good quality and reliable content. Recently, Aaj News Live changed its format from having shows of various genres to being a news channel solely. Aaj News Live has been around since the mid 2000’s and has changed a lot since its birth.

AAJ news provide around the clock coverage of events from across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with its large number of correspondents and a network of regional offices, it is able to provide good quality and reliable news. Aaj News Live has retained some its shows which are of different genres, since it has changed from being a channel with various genres of shows to solely a news network and it has worked out well for them since they have been able to retain some of the viewership along with the shows. Aaj News Live still draws in good amount of viewership considering the fact that they are a much smaller news channel as compared to their competitors.

In the current atmosphere of Pakistan it is absolutely vital to have a news channel which is able to effectively cover all the news from all across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Aaj News Live now mainly focuses on the political landscape of Pakistan and often bring in hosts which are experts in the fields along with a line-up of seasoned politicians who are able to provide an expert analysis on the issue that is being debated and/or discussed.

Aaj News Live has several shows which caters to its audiences, such as:

1. Andar Ki Baat Raja Kay Saath

The show is centered around discussion of the current political climate of Pakistan with the host and guests often trying to get to the bottom of the issue that is plagued by Pakistan.

2. Live with Khalid Butt

The show brings in a panel of experts to discuss the large issues that are being faced by Pakistan. During, the Panama Papers investigations Khalid Butt along with his team effectively. During the election season Khalid Butt was leading the moment-by-moment news of the election results.

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