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Urdu 1 Live: Urdu 1 is an Urdu language Pakistani television network owned by Allianz Media Group which is based out of Dubai. The channel started broadcasting in Pakistan in 2012 and has since been a fan favorite when it comes to their content. They broadcast Turkish and Pakistani serials. The channel shot to fame when the Turkish dramas that they broadcast in Pakistan got an amazing response in Pakistan.

So, they started broadcasting more Turkish content in Pakistan. They’ve got an excellent blend of content from both Pakistan as well as Turkey which more than satisfies the viewers’ craving for good quality content.

Another reason for their success in Pakistan is the fact that culturally both Pakistan and Turkey are similar which means that both countries’ culture ls are intertwined with Islam, so, the Turkish content is much superior than that of India which often depicts Hindutv in its serials which do not necessarily sit well with the Pakistani audiences, where as on the other hand the Turkish soap operas adhere to the Islamic culture which the Pakistani audiences relate more to. Urdu 1 Live

Some of the current shows that are being broadcast on Urdu 1 are:


Yaman who lives in Istanbul is arrested and locked up because he stole a car. Until that day he tried to earn a good living. He then meets a rich lawyer Selim Serez who sees that Yaman has been set up and is in fact innocent. Both of them then start trying to prove Yaman’s innocence. Urdu 1 Live

Mere Humdum Mere Dost

Written by Farhat Ishtiaq, the drama is centred on a young girl named Aimen who live alone with her mother, but, then has to go and live with her father who had divorced Aimen’s mother. Aimen’s father asks his friend Haider to keep Aiman at his house for a while until he gets back from his US trip. But when Aimen’s father gets back he has a very cold personality which Aimen disapproves of. In the meantime, Haider falls in love with Aimen bit never confesses it due to their age difference. Urdu 1 Live

Tum Kon Piya

The story revolves around a young girl who lives her entire life according to how her father wishes it. In doing so, she fails get any recognition for the love that she has for her father and ultimately dies with the burden of being not enough for her father. Urdu 1 Live


Nayla is a very pretty girl but is extremely selfish and self-centred. She likes her cousin Zami but he likes Nayla’s younger sister but Nayla’s is set to marry Zami’s brother who is not the way that she had expected which in turn leads to her rudeness to her in laws as well as her husband. Nayla goes the extra mile when she meets a young, beautiful and successful man who she falls in love with. Nayla begins an extra marital affair when she falls in love with Rehan and even asks Rehan to marry her and that she is ready to leave her husband for Rehan. Rehan rejects Nayla’s proposal and admits that he was only flirting around and never wanted to marry her. Urdu 1 Live

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