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ARY News Live: ARY news was brought to life in 2004 and since its birth it has been a widely popular opinion when it comes to news broadcast. ARY News Live for the last fifteen years has been a force to be reckoned with because of its ability to penetrate a lot of the red tape and bring forth the real news. Journalistic endeavors by the news networks have also contributed towards it success. ARY News Live network is spread across Pakistan with a huge number of news reporters and correspondents that directly report to the ARY News Live. The correspondents of the news network are spread both nationally as well as internationally which enables to cover international events very efficiently.

ARY News Live has covered huge events of both national and international significance. Moreover, the news network has employed some of the biggest names in the journalistic world of Pakistan. Its ability to provide unbiased coverage and analysis of the subject has played a vital role in establishing the ARY News Live as a major player in the journalism scene in Pakistan. Political climate of Pakistan is an ever-charging variable mainly due to the fact that Pakistan has been threatened by terrorism and continues to the face the threat of terrorism which has destroyed the Pakistan economically, the cost of human lives lost is too high and the image of Pakistan has been completely ruined internationally with several international organizations trying to put a leash around Pakistan which in turn has led to further destabilization of the country.

So, in times like these it is extremely important to have and effective media body which is able to cover these threats and helps provide a narrative, moreover, in today’s day and age information has been weaponized and anti-Pakistan elements both within the boundaries of Pakistan as well as outside them have started an effective campaign to smear Pakistan’s name. So, to overcome these issues it is extremely vital to have a media body which is able to effectively counter such vicious attacks on Pakistan.

Also, the shows that are broadcast on the news network have been a huge success among the Pakistani masses. Shows such as:

Breaking Point with Malick

This current affair show is hosted by Muhammad Malick. It focuses on the current issues of national significance and analyses these issues often joined by a panel of experts which are well-versed in the subject matter.

11th error

Waseem Badami hosts this political talk show and debates issues that are ongoing in Pakistan and is often joined by people that are related to the subject that is being debated on. Waseem Badami often asks question which are personal in nature and his line of questioning often rattles the interviewee.

Power Play

Anchored by Arshad Sharif, this show focuses on the major issues that are faced by the Pakistani society. He invites people on his show with whom he holds a discussion on certain topics of significance. These people are often ministers, security officials and spokespersons for various political parties

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