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92 News Live Overview

92 News Live: 92 news was brought to being in 2015 and has quickly emasculated a lot of viewership and has proven its worth in the Pakistani Journalistic scene. In a very short period of time, 92 News has emerged as a serious contender to other well reputed news networks which have been around for a much longer time than 92 News Live.

92 News has brought captivating coverage of elections with moment-to-moment analysis alongside the coverage. Additionally, it has a wide spread network of correspondents which enables it to provide unparalleled coverage of events. 92 News Live is often criticized for being too polarizing but its the nature of how they convey the news which can contribute towards its image. Also, the fact that it has been so successful in such a short period of time is proof of the fact that the viewers enjoy the content that is put out by 92 News.

The political landscape of Pakistan is uncertain at times which allows for such news networks to effectively capitalize on that. There are numerous news networks in Pakistan which have been in operation ever since the Government of Pakistan decided on allowing for private networks to operate in Pakistan but despite the fact that there are plenty of news networks , there are only a handful of news networks that are considered trustworthy.

Moreover, there is an ever growing concern that news channels often become biased and can be bought to target a specific group of people, so much so, that even the anchors at times are accused of taking money from a certain political party or a person of influence. In light of all these accusations it is safe to say that 92 News Live has effectively been able to dodge all of these concerns and has operated successfully.

92 News Live also broadcasts in HD and was the first major news network to broadcast in such a manner. Also, 92 News Live has some great in-house journalistic talent which more than makes up for the fact that it has such a short history. Its wide spread network of correspondents ensure that news from all parts of the region is broadcaster and often 92 News Live runs Public Service Messages to raise awareness among the masses regarding a specific issue.Shows such as


The talk show has an expert line-up which is filled to the brim with expertise about the subject matter. The show goes to the very heart of the issue to help unravel it and eventually help solve it.

Jawab Chahye

The show is hosted by Dr Danish who brings to light issues which are often swept under the rug.
Shows such as these have further helped increase the viewership of 92 News which in turn has led to increase in popularity of the news network in a short period of time.

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