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News One launched its operations in Karachi, in the year 2007. The channel is owned by Airwaves Media Private Limited. It is an Urdu news channel, that broadcasts around the clock 24/7. After the privatization of media in 2002, many private news channels emerged and over time these news channels have grown significantly , encapsulating most of the viewership as well as market share.

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News One

News One, although, was launched a bit later than most privately owned news channel, still it has managed to find a loyal fan base and consistent viewership. The news channel broadcasts information that it collects from all over the country as well as from overseas.

It is vital on a country like Pakistan, to have a news channel that transmits information to the people of Pakistan. The culture in Pakistan varies from region to region and along these regions, there are a lot of problems that have arisen and News One keeps an eye out to catch wind of such news and instantly covers such matters. Moreover, Pakistan has an ever changing political landscape, which makes it all the more important for the news channels to be able to disseminate this information to the Pakistani public.

News One Live Streaming

In Pakistan’s seventy years of history, Pakistan has seen a wide range of problems including military coups, wide spread government misconduct, terrorism, economic instability and corruption. Although, Pakistan has managed to overcome a lot of its cancerous matters, still, the panic that these matters has caused among st the Pakistani masses, is still prevalent to this day. Before, the privatization of media in Pakistan, there was only one TV channel, ‘PTV’ is a state owned news channel which only transmitted content that had been approved by the government.

This led to a huge miscommunication and caused a rift along several lines,among st the people. Essentially, the state owned channel had become a propaganda machine, rather than an independent entity, who’s sole purpose should have been to inform the Pakistani public of all the happenings across Pakistan independently.

News One Live Shows

Finally, News One offers an in-depth analysis, of all the matters that concern Pakistan. With its panel of expert analysts as well as contributions from field reporters makes it all the more interesting for the Pakistani public some of its most popular shows are

  • Jaiza
  • Ikhtilafi Note
  • Tonight with Jasmeen

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