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Din News Live: Din News is a Pakistani News channels that runs its broadcast round the clock, which was launched in 2005 by Din Media Group. Din News2020 broadcasts in Middle East, America, America, India and Ireland. Din News Live is one of the earliest private News Channels of Pakistan and has been a fan favourite for a while now.

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Pakistan has always been a hotspot for all sorts of News and many of the international media outlets have been covering Pakistan for a while now and many of the international News channels have portrayed Pakistan in a negative light which has not only destroyed Pakistan’s image internationally but has also disrupted Pakistan economically. Many superpowers have vested interests in Pakistan such as Pakistan has long been an ally of America in its ‘War on Terror’, which has turned the eyes of the world towards Pakistan.

In situations like these, it is absolutely vital to have a strong journalistic community, which counters the narrative of enemies of the Pakistani state. Din News Live has long been averting the anti-Pakistan narrative.

Moreover, in today’s day and age, information has been weaponized in order to destroy a country. Since conventional wars would inevitably destroy the world, the world has come up with other ways to destroy a nation and one of them is the ‘Information Warfare’

Din New Shows

Din News Live has a number of shows that have been a hit with the fans for a while now. This success can be credited to the expert analysts that help put things in perspective for the Pakistani public. Some of the shows are of different genres which include current affairs show, talk shows, satirical shows along with expert analysis from experts in the subject matter which help decipher the impacts of an event both positive impacts as well as negative impact.

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