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Capital TV Live: Current affairs shows and talk shows, are a huge hit in Pakistan, mainly due to the fact that it helps Pakistani masses form a narrative and understand the implications of an event. This is where Capital TV comes in, the news channels was launched in 2013 and is based in Lahore. In its short history, Capital TV has managed to establish itself as an independent and reliable news channel.

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Capital TV Live –It broadcasts news 24/7 but in case there is an issue in your area and you are unable to watch it, then you can simply watch it online. Capital TV has a strong web presence and has managed to facilitate its viewers by launching itself online. The channel broadcasts in Urdu, because its main target audience is the Pakistani public and Urdu being the national language of Pakistan and also the fact that Urdu is Lingua Franca in Pakistan.

Pakistan has seen tumultuous times in the past, which has highlighted the presence of having a dedicated news channel, that broadcasts information domestically as well as internationally. Capital TV has managed to garner a significant viewership as well as loyal fan base. There are numerous news channels in Pakistan and the market is an incredibly competitive one to begin with, but Capital TV, in the short while that its been active, has managed to compete with channels that are much bigger and have significantly more viewership.

Capital TV Live has successfully managed to pertain its viewership as well as grow both commercially as well as in popularity. This growth can simply be boiled down to its quality, the content that it broadcasts, have sound and ample weight, which make it all the more appealing to the public. The channel broadcasts current affairs shows which keep a close eye on the activities of the governmental policies and its implications on the Pakistani nation, moreover, it broadcasts news bulletins, which keep the public updated with all that is going on across the country and around the globe. Capital TV has some of the best journalistic talents in Pakistan as well as the contributions of experts in the subject matter make it all the more interesting for its viewers.

Some of the shows that are broadcaster by Capital TV, are as follows:

  • Cross Check
  • Bay Laag
  • Hum Sub
  • News Plus
  • Seedhi Baat

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Capital TV Live

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