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A plus live: A Plus was launched in 2009, the Pakistani channel broadcasts its content in Asia and Europe. The channel offers a range of programs from sit coms to morning shows and everything in between.

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Pakistani Television industry is widely lauded by both critics and audiences, because of its high quality of writing combined with talented artists and production teams. Over the years, Pakistani television industry has grown significantly, which has in turn led to dramatic rise in audience viewership and revenues for the production houses as well as TV channels. Many television channels have been able to capitalize on this and have managed to grow over the years. A plus live, in its history of nearly a decade, has managed to grow and has been putting out a number of soap operas, which have gone on to enjoy commercial success as well as praises from both critics and audiences a like.

Some of the shows that A Plus offers are as follows:


Gohar-e-Nayab The drama revolves around an orphaned girl, who has been living with her
family where she faces mistreatment and disrespect but she continues to persevere on the
face of all obstacles and manages to win everyone over with her heart.

Kambakhat Tano

The story is set on a girl who lives with her uncle and has known nothing but hardships her entire life. Everything changes for her when a young man falls in love with her but sends a proposal to her cousin due to misunderstandings which leads to her relationship with her cousin getting deteriorated. In a lifer where the young girl has known no happiness, hopes to fight for her love.

Hoor Pari

The story of Hoor Pari revolves around a widowed woman and her daughters. The drama showcases all the problems that a widowed woman and young girls have to face in the Pakistani society.

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