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Express News Live: Express News was brought to life in 2008 and it is an Urdu News channel based in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan has seen some rough times in the past and it became absolutely vital that there be a news channel that runs 24/7 and provides accurate reports from around the country. Express News Live has a loyal fan base and has amassed a great number of viewership in the span of its history.

Express News has a wide and far-spread network of correspondents across the country and with a regional offices and OB vans that cover the event live from the venue where it is unfolding. Express News over time has produced some great shows which has catered to its audiences and the response has been great from the audiences. Express News Live is the third biggest news channel of Pakistan and is owned by the same group that owns Daily Express.

Private channels were allowed to start their broadcast in Pakistan in the late 90’s and early 2000s and before these private channels were launched there was only one TV channel that was a state-run channel.

Ever since the launch of these TV channels, there has been a significant growth in viewership as well as competition between TV channels which has led to great quality of content that is put out by the TV channels.

Moreover, Pakistan has been plagued by terrorism, corruption and crime for the last two decades which in turn has emphasized the importance of having a dedicated 24/7 News Channel that is able to cover problems across the spectrum. Express News has consistently been able to cover such topics and also talk about important issues by talking to a panel of experts to help decipher the pros and cons of it.

Moreover, it reaches out to ministers as well for when there is any news regarding their concerned ministry. Express News also has a number of talk shows that have been loved by the audiences such as

1. To The Point with Mansoor Ali Khan

The show is hosted by Mansoor Ali Khan and he talks about all the current issues that faced by Pakistan. He is often joined by a panel of experts and ministers which shed more light on the issues which helps the audience better understanf the issue at hand.

2. Takrar with Imran Khan

Takrar is a current affairs show that deals with the current political and social issues in Pakistan. The show is hosted by Imran Riaz Khan. Imran Khan was the first journalist that covered the Raymond Davis case.

3. Sports page

The show covers all things sports and is hosted by Mirza Iqbal Baig. There is an almost cult-like following of sports in Pakistan and the show caters to their audiences’ demand for a sports show. With help from former and current sportsmen, the show sheds lights on every aspect of the sports and how the game can be improved as much as possible.

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