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Bol News Live: BOL news was brought to life in 2013 but it was in 2015 that it started its normal transmission. The Bol news headquarters are based in Karachi and is owned by Shoaib Ahmad Sheikh. Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh was under investigation for the fake degrees case which delayed the channel’s formal transmission by up to two years.

Bol News Live is located on the Centrist/ Left Centre on the political spectrum and does not have any political affiliation. The news channel has a pro-nationalist and often is labelled as a firebrand news channel. The channel has went successfully recruited many huge names in Pakistani journalism scene such as Amir Liaqat Hussain, who does not shy away from making outrageous statements often distasteful to many.

Bol News Live has been a fan-favorite ever since it was brought to life mainly because it appeals to the nationalist point of view. Pakistan is one of the most patriotic nations on the planet and the fact that most of the news networks in Pakistan are accused of taking money from political partied and then go on to spew venom on their opponents, leads to people becoming increasingly divided along political beliefs. Bol News Live, as mentioned earlier, does not have affiliations with any political party which makes it neutral to most viewers. BOL News TV continues to flames politicians, ministers and other powerful figures for their unsavory decisions and policy-making.

Game show Aisay Chalayga

The show is hosted by Nabeel, a common household name in Pakistan, the audiences recognize Nabeel from the hit Pakistani TV show ‘Bulbulay’. He has been successfully hosting the show and has consistent audiences who tune in to watch the show. The show is a game show which includes the audiences, playing games in order to win prizes. The prizes vary from a dinner set to a car, which makes it all the more appealing to the audiences.

Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga

With Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain at the helm, the show is a talk show. The show discusses the political landscape of Pakistan with often outrageous remarks from Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain, who is a household name in Pakistan mainly due to his Ramadan transmissions, which has broken several viewership records in Pakistan. People attentively listen to the host because he makes sharp remarks which are often amusing for the audiences.

Croron Main Khel

As the name suggests, the show involves contests competing in order to win investment for their idea. The show is presented by Nadia Khan and Maria Wasti. The show involves a number of potential investors, who are pitched ideas by contestants who are looking for funding to start their business.
In today’s time and age, where the entire country is divided among political lines it is absolutely essential to have a News Channel that appeals to the patriotism in all of Pakistanis, so that they remain united by some cause and avoids further division among st themselves.

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